What I learned in 2010; The Year that Was.

I am thankful for having been through such a wide array of experiences and emotions, all culminating with the man sitting here today writing this. I’ve come to not only know who I am on a deeper level, but I’ve also become more grounded in that person. Some things I learned, some I relearned, someContinue reading “What I learned in 2010; The Year that Was.”

Things That Bring Me Joy

I’m writing this as a reminder to spend 2011 doing them. (Unordered) Working out Eating Well Reading the Paper (WSJ) Having People for Dinner Barbecuing Listening To Music Generosity + Gifting Reading Writing Goal-Setting & Planning Traveling Solitude Cooking Having Coffee Family!!!! Friends Yoga Building Businesses Fine Dining Shopping (evolving my style, while keeping itContinue reading “Things That Bring Me Joy”

Things I am Passionate About

{unordered list} Luxury Living and “” Goods Music Family Generosity of spirit (teaching others and sharing my energy, beliefs and passions) Luxury and exotics (namely Porsche) Sailing Writing Haute Cuisine and California Coastal “” Style & Fashion Living Well Business & Entrepreneurship Reading & Learning Authenticity (being myself, and cultivating myself) Legacy (the pedigree IContinue reading “Things I am Passionate About”

Success and Motivation: Lessons from Mark Cuban

Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire Mark Cuban sold his first company Microsulutions to Compuserve in 1990, pocketing about 2 million after taxes at the age of 32. Nine years later, he sold broadcast.com to Yahoo for 5.9 Billion in yahoo stock becoming a billionaire at age 41. He possesses remarkable business acumen and more impressiveContinue reading “Success and Motivation: Lessons from Mark Cuban”

this I beleive

Preface: Part of my inspiration to write this comes from a program on NPR, titled “This I Believe”. From NPR, describing the program: “Based on a 1950s radio program of the same name, Americans from all walks of life share the personal philosophies and core values that guide their daily lives. Hear previous features andContinue reading “this I beleive”

Life’s Simple Pleasures

I’m fond of saying that I’m the happiest (& luckiest) guy I know and I suspect my family and friends can attest to this. I’ve continually grown happier with age as I’ve discovered what brings me joy and everyday I’ve unabashedly savored life’s simple pleasures. Here are a few: A good movie, pellegrino, or evenContinue reading “Life’s Simple Pleasures”