Startups: How to Gain a Crucial Advantage in Your Market.

Successful entrepreneurs know that one of the most crucial advantages they can obtain for their business is knowing more about their market then their competitors. If you think this sounds basic then you are taking a half-assed approach or you’re doing it all wrong. I’m amazed at how little emphasis most budding entrepreneurs place onContinue reading “Startups: How to Gain a Crucial Advantage in Your Market.”

Your dot com sucks and I’m not going to take it anymore.

Every brand creates it’s own impression within me; negative, positive or indifferent. Everyone has their own opinion, for some people Mcdonalds makes them smile, for me it makes me cringe. Simple as that. However when it comes to online businesses I have always been reserved in voicing my negative judgment. Perhaps simply because the internetContinue reading “Your dot com sucks and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

The Fallacy of the Already Executed Idea

Most entrepreneurs are aware of the ‘fallacy of a great idea’. You don’t need a great and original idea in order to succeed. I think the fallacy of the great idea is perpetuated by the great ideas that are major home runs. The ideas that are so wildly successful they cause people to say ‘NowContinue reading “The Fallacy of the Already Executed Idea”

Memolane, the (another) Startup I wish I Founded.

Occasionally a startup comes along that I wish I founded. This is essentially one of the highest compliments one entrepreneur can pay to another, other than investing in them. Memolane opened to doors to the public (Beta) today and I had a chance to create my own memolane at memolane/lawrenceblack Memolane creates a visual timeContinue reading “Memolane, the (another) Startup I wish I Founded.”

Lessons From My Previous Business.

I wanted to immortalize some of the mistakes I made over the past two years in my previous business. These weren’t fatal to the business, but like many plane crashes, ‘pilot error’ is really just a combination of small mistakes and oversight. While I was able to bootstrap my previous business from zero to aboutContinue reading “Lessons From My Previous Business.”

Pure Capitalism in The World of Online Startups.

This is one of my favorites. Jason Calcanis of This Week in Startups interviews 37 Signals founder David Heinemeier Hansson on the topic of startups, M&A, profits and why profitless companies are continuing to fall victim to the ‘graveyard of acquisitions.’ {Business: I love this fucking game.} The video starts midway, where I think theContinue reading “Pure Capitalism in The World of Online Startups.”