Timing Your Startup to be Relevant.

I couple days ago I provided five filters that every founder should apply to a potential business idea as an indicator of potential success. Today, I would like to add an additional criteria for assessing your next business: Timing or relevancy. Your startup has to be relevant and timely in order to gain traction. FelixContinue reading “Timing Your Startup to be Relevant.”

My Journey as a Young Entrepreneur: Raw and Uncut.

I recently added an answer to a question on Quora, What is your most memorable founder experience? My answer was: Being embarrassed to park my beat up old Volvo 240DL next to the Porsche Cayenne one of my new sales hires was driving. I wasn’t even drawing a salary yet. This got me thinking aboutContinue reading “My Journey as a Young Entrepreneur: Raw and Uncut.”

A Litmus Test For Your Next Business.

As someone who has founded and run a profitable company, I am a very critical when it comes to people giving out advice and selling books on the topic of success. Especially when the title is The Millionaire Fastlane. However,  this evening I came across an interview from Mixergy with MJ Demarco, founder of limos.comContinue reading “A Litmus Test For Your Next Business.”

Character Development; The Godfather and Three Events That Changed Me Forever.

As a writer I am a big fan of character development. Whenever a narrative or plot reveals to us that the character has grown or changed it’s amazing watching them evolve. Michael Corleone in The Godfather is a perfect example. But sometimes it’s a lot more subtle and sometimes it’s even the ending to aContinue reading “Character Development; The Godfather and Three Events That Changed Me Forever.”