Real Life Limitless Part 1: Omnipotent Beliefs.

Update: 10/17/14 I’ve posted an entry on self-mastery that covers both self-control and self-discipline, and I’m posting a link to it here because I think that self-mastery was the missing piece of my Real Life Limitless Series. Read it here. ### Preface: I originally published this on April 4th, 2011. Then, as writers tend toContinue reading “Real Life Limitless Part 1: Omnipotent Beliefs.”

Because I deserve to be successful, and you do too.

There is a great scene in American Psycho where Patrick Bateman’s girlfriend asks him why he doesn’t just quit his job and he sharply retorts ‘Because I want to fit in.’ I do not relate to the need of wanting to fit in; that does not motivate me. What does motivate me; however, is theContinue reading “Because I deserve to be successful, and you do too.”