Poetry: An Ode To The Passenger Pigeon

It took 14 hours for a single flock to fly over Hunters would gather in-wait – with nets and a stool-tied-bird as bait Some would burn the trees and collect the roasted bodies Others would simply burn sulfur: thousands of breathless birds keeling over Once in flocks a mile-wide and three-hundred long Deforested and senselesslyContinue reading “Poetry: An Ode To The Passenger Pigeon”

Money Does Not Equal Happiness

Three years and exactly 99 posts ago I went to wordpress.com and started this blog. I’ve been waiting for something worthy enough for my 100th post. Today the impetus for my centennial post arrived. I was reading about how Crispin Glover of Back to The Future Stardom recently came out and stated that he didn’tContinue reading “Money Does Not Equal Happiness”

What Would We Do if We Didn’t Care

I was writing my about me blurb and I found myself falling into that trap of writing what I wanted people to hear. Call it the LinkedIn style of writing. That whole: “I’m a Boston based based blah blah blah blah (<-Insert photographer / writer / tech etc) But what would we do if weContinue reading “What Would We Do if We Didn’t Care”