Recipe for Unshakable Self-Confidence

I was recently talking to someone about the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, Jordan Belfort, and how he is currently earning a living teaching people sales techniques, which I found ironic because the real asset, which allowed him to earn such a monstrous income wasn’t his sales ability, or even his skullduggery – but his unshakableContinue reading “Recipe for Unshakable Self-Confidence”

Strengths and Weaknesses

As I grow older, I’m gaining a deeper sense of the paradoxes within everything in life. It feels like one of the ways in which the universe can’t help but reveal some of it’s inherent mystery through it’s nature; philosophical quantum physics. The mysteries of life are these conundrums that we traverse and through thisContinue reading “Strengths and Weaknesses”

A Note About People

You know, sometimes I come across people that are such just honest to goodness kindhearted people that it’s heartbreaking to see them struggling. It’s heartbreaking to me because these people are doing their best and they aren’t trying to fuck people to get ahead. They’re too damn nice for this world. They’re just trying toContinue reading “A Note About People”