Poetry and Prose: My Eucalyptus and Le Petit Mort

The Poem: My Eucalyptus What happens when you no longer live under my moon. Will your leaves still season each colorful breeze. Will I find every leaf’s imprint in the shale of my mind. Your gifts were more than shade and strength to lean upon. Your countenance will last forever. You were my eucalyptus. TheContinue reading “Poetry and Prose: My Eucalyptus and Le Petit Mort”

The Art of Living

The art of living is the art of making friends with oneself: for your very resiliency against the certainty of life’s trials exists solely in the health of your relationship with yourself. Your self-esteem and your inner-disposition are sacred domains which no individual has the right to deprive you of. Thus, a wise man learnsContinue reading “The Art of Living”