Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations: Editions and Translations

About five years ago I purchased a vintage edition of Meditations by Marcus Aurelius from a neat little bookstore in Seattle called Arundel Books. This copy was a reprint of the 1862 George Long translation (in case you missed the Wiki link, Aurelius wrote his meditations in Greek during 170-180 AD (eighteen-hundred-and-forty years ago). NowContinue reading “Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations: Editions and Translations”

Meditations: Session Three

I took less than a page of notes in my notebook after the third session in my meditations practice. I suspect this could be a result of the fact that I didn’t set a clear enough intention going into this session. I was also a bit clouded by frustration and expectation; however, I got exactlyContinue reading “Meditations: Session Three”

Meditations: Session Two

Continuing my Meditations Series, tonight I’m transcribing my handwritten notes from Session Two. (Technically, the third session, as my first session was recorded in the entry Transcendental Realizations.) I should state that, as in each of my meditation sessions, the notes taken after meditating were a direct result of the intentions that I consciously decidedContinue reading “Meditations: Session Two”

Poetry: Perfume Made Sweet

Sweet Perfume in the air and it’s dinner time, I’m walking home by the cafe. It’s humming quietly in this little coastal town, And I tell myself I’m okay. Because the perfume in the air it’s thick and sickening, The feeling of scented hair I’ve been lost in, Loveless tresses and dresses I should haveContinue reading “Poetry: Perfume Made Sweet”

On my Poem: As Above, So Below

My poem As Above, So Below was originally inspired by the plight of the North Korean people – specifically the 150,000 to 200,000 estimated denizens of the regime’s torturous gulags. In my own reflecting on this dreadful and strikingly overlooked fragment of the modern world, as well as in my reflections on the human rightsContinue reading “On my Poem: As Above, So Below”

Lying Down in The Darkness

Listening to Louis CK. Humor is such a divine blessing. Laughter is truly the best medicine. There are certain things in life that are irreplaceable necessities for the soul. Things that are renewing. Today is the kind of day I need renewal. It’s the kind of day I want to take my pillow in theContinue reading “Lying Down in The Darkness”

Nothing. Stardust. The Illusion of Thought and the Nature of Reality.

Last night – just before writing this, I went for late stroll at about 1:30 am to a secluded beach where I sometimes sit under the stars and listen to music. The reason I went there was because an arbitrary stressor had upset me and I needed to change the channel in my brain toContinue reading “Nothing. Stardust. The Illusion of Thought and the Nature of Reality.”

Saturday: And It’s only Just Begun

In summer’s thoughts and winter’s fears. I turn back around and go down, Reclining into my thoughts. We’re all just doing our best I say, But what I say doesn’t suffice [not for her]. Because in words sufficient I’m only perfect for a moment, So I turn to my spiritual grandfathers to find better words.Continue reading “Saturday: And It’s only Just Begun”

Danielle LaPorte: Visualization: Loosening Your Mind Shackles

After the gym today I walked by a boutique pharmacy (Pharmaca) and saw a book in the window that caught attracted my attention. The book was called, The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with The Soul. I took note of the author’s name and after a barefoot walk on the beach to watchContinue reading “Danielle LaPorte: Visualization: Loosening Your Mind Shackles”

Real Life Inspiration: Marina Keegan

Before beginning to type this I sat upright in my desk chair, remaining still as I felt the air from my ceiling fan softly caress the damp and cool tears which lay on my cheeks. I love to cry in the way that people who can’t cry do. As the Jewish proverb says, tears areContinue reading “Real Life Inspiration: Marina Keegan”