It Was All Glorious

Above audio for listening while reading – so press play. I just wanna be stoic, Resolute, determined, driven and heroic. I wanna remind myself that age is but a number and how old I think, act, and choose to be is determined solely by me. Hell, even how I look and feel is TBD, Gym,Continue reading “It Was All Glorious”

A Golden Brick in The Road: Steve Roggenbuck

Have you ever encountered someone who makes you feel like a blind-drunk imitating a master ballet dancer? I have. The resulting feelings are thus: I’m breathless and deflated and rising like a balloon excreting it’s worth and I’m bleeding with all of the oozing of a soul that’s just seen itself in the full chiaroscuroContinue reading “A Golden Brick in The Road: Steve Roggenbuck”

Poetry: Seven Keys To a Peaceful Heart

You find that in life loss is just a part of it, You’re going to lose that thing, which at one point was the very heart of it. And when those days come, endings to loves and seasons dear, Your heart will writhe with pain and you’ll desire the fate of King Lear. You’ll beContinue reading “Poetry: Seven Keys To a Peaceful Heart”

Poetry: A Day or Two or Three

One thousand-ninety-five-days, almost there Bunny S. I was just getting good at this. Yeah, you’ve heard that one before huh. Anyhow, let’s settle on those names we’ve chewed on and plan the whole thing as it burns. Watching our dreams carry away like remnants of burning paper to the night. It’s a strange thing seeingContinue reading “Poetry: A Day or Two or Three”