They told me home is where the heart is, So I roamed the world homeless and broken-hearted One person, You can let one person destroy you But that’s not all there is to life – For tonight I found myself under a rain splatted roof, Unsure and at ill-ease And no sooner had this feelingContinue reading “Homefree”

A Pum Pum

Pum-pum, Barum pa-pum Soft and nervous, Pum-pum The heart scurries beneath the confines of your chest Fearfully fleeing like a field mouse, The pulse is at a Gazelle’s pace And the mind gives it’s chase, Pushing thoughts and words automatic Rolling the wagon on down the hillside, Fear pushing on down Down towards to theContinue reading “A Pum Pum”


This dock It’s run through my life like a river Spent every day in the summer of ’94 on it’s end Treble hook in hand, Hands trembling, Squeezing bits of white bread together – bait for my bait, Catching Smelt by hand, Should have smelled my hands Pulling Mussels off the pilings Orange and blackContinue reading “D.O.T.D.K”