28 Jan, 2015: Library

It was nice going to the library today – hell it was downright spiritual. I assume it was a similar feeling to what stepping into Wrigley or Fenway would evoke in a twelve-year-old who dreams of hitting home runs. Poetic, corny, whatever – fuck you ego. It was kind of sad to think how emptyContinue reading “28 Jan, 2015: Library”

Reset, Move Forward, Follow Folly

In order to write the book you want to write, in the end you have to become the person you need to become to write that book. – Junot Díaz Today was an important day; I needed today, I needed a reset. Hence, walk to park with blanket and books in bag, and call MarquitosContinue reading “Reset, Move Forward, Follow Folly”

For What it’s Worth

When the journey grows painful I meditate on death How in unknown years there will be nothing left – Accounts, houses, and cars won’t matter As you lay dying, Headed to dust from pink matter You too ought heed the deepest regrets – Spoken by the faint voices of the dying, Who blindly await what’sContinue reading “For What it’s Worth”

Last Night Lasts

I haven’t written anything in prose in awhile, but after a particularly fun evening spent in conversation with friends – old and new – I began to think about how it’s the singular experiences in life, and not the days, weeks, or even the years that change us. It’s the people who change us. BecauseContinue reading “Last Night Lasts”