15 March 2015: Intact

An early morning – after a nice mellow, late night. A tired day, weighted down by the things that weigh days heavy on the shoulders of sons. Heavy things, akin to the things that come with a given life, for every life has its tragedies; every family its misfortunes. Nevermind my ambiguity. Putting this onContinue reading “15 March 2015: Intact”

March 9-10, 2015: Deepened and Family

There are days when you know you have changed, days when you notice a marked difference in the feeling of your disposition, days when you know there has been a significant shift in your outlook. Tonight I stand on the dock I grew up on, knowing there is no going back to yesterday. There isContinue reading “March 9-10, 2015: Deepened and Family”

4 Mar, 2015: Introversion

I’m coming to understand how introverted I am – and it’s not introverted as in an aversion to people, but rather an aversion to not being in my element. There have been long periods of time when my element has been in bed with the one I love or otherwise at her side, so myContinue reading “4 Mar, 2015: Introversion”

16 Feb – 1 Mar, 2015: Amused, Helocene, Sing, SunKing, Cauterised

Note: Herein are four separate journal entries. The reason I am publishing four at once is twofold: firstly, I often write sporadically and transcribing the entries from my journal is fairly time consuming (my scrawled, barely legible handwriting prohibits anyone else from doing this task for me); although, I find it a pleasurable activity whenContinue reading “16 Feb – 1 Mar, 2015: Amused, Helocene, Sing, SunKing, Cauterised”