The Cottage and The Castle

I took a nap this afternoon and had a very lucid dream; I dreampt I was outside of a small cottage, posting an old wooden sign bearing the namesake of my blog – only the S was gone: 7Saturday. I then heard a stirring from within the interior of the cottage, which prompted me toContinue reading “The Cottage and The Castle”

A Delightful Life

Delightful day; what more can I say; I ran, I hiked, I swam, I read, I cooked, I napped – I did everything but make love, which, in itself, is another kind of delightful day, just not the one written for today. But I conspire with fate for days like that too. I’m working onContinue reading “A Delightful Life”

Lean Capitalism: Little Questions, Big Picture

There’s a difference between cutting corners and not turning them; to cut a corner is to take a shortcut, to fail to turn one is to face a wall. And some walls must be walked around, the time it takes to scale them simply not worth the benefit, the cost being too great. I’m speakingContinue reading “Lean Capitalism: Little Questions, Big Picture”

The Layman Sails Not

Standing on the banks The layman sails not But intent on succeeding, He plans, toils, and plots Only he’s living in a dream, For he accomplishes naught And without the tests of time, His craft lay in rot While he watched men of the world go forth – He judged himself still provincial and stayedContinue reading “The Layman Sails Not”