What I Was

Preface: This has been an incredibly pivotal season of life for me, and I have been going through a time of radical self-realization. Tonight I took my blanket and candles to the shore for the supermoon blood lunar eclipse, and I wrote the following in reflection (Mainly) on the later part of my twenties. AsContinue reading “What I Was”

Poem of a Thousand Songs: To A Muse and Amuse

The bombs go off, But I’m safe from the fire And not in your eyes, Where I once drowned in desire I’ve forgotten what it is to feel joy Suffocated myself in that fake plastic pity Lost, my feelings, an amoeba, they grew wild in this city Holding your atlas hand in the dark, tryingContinue reading “Poem of a Thousand Songs: To A Muse and Amuse”

If Not Now, When?

So many drafts; just like my life: my business a draft, my books drafts – my success a draft – my dreams a draft. But alas, life is no rehearsal; I play starting squad on a team of one every single day. And here as I sit, shoulders haunched, stomach slightly pudge and paunch, thisContinue reading “If Not Now, When?”