Real Life Inspiration: Ed Ricketts

I heard an anecdote recently in relation to John Steinbeck (Prayerhand-6god-emoji) guy pal (And total bad ass) Ed Ricketts (Add another prayerhand-6god-emoji). Ed Ricketts is a man whom I deeply admire. He was, like all the people I admire, a stark individual. “His mind had no horizons,” as Steinbeck wrote of him, or rather, as “Doc”, theContinue reading “Real Life Inspiration: Ed Ricketts”

Watch Me

I do not know how I am going to die, but I know I will. If thirty years of edging towards the horizon of infinity has taught me anything, it’s that figuring out life takes time. Hell, some [people] never do. I think of those who are older and quip that they “still feel twentyContinue reading “Watch Me”

Post Romantic Nostalgia, and Reprieve

As the sun sets earlier in the evening, I can feel myself being wrapped in the same discomforting melancholy that always calls as Autumn rolls around each year. The thing is, while the feeling is familiar, I cannot quite put my finger on what causes it, why I feel the melancholy of dark Autumn evenings.Continue reading “Post Romantic Nostalgia, and Reprieve”

Journal: Life is Sweet

I’m writing tonight because it’s what I do. Also, I have a duty to myself, I have a duty to write – even when I am happy – in fact, I wouldn’t even mind making a habit of it. And frankly: I am happy. And sure, life goes on: that Thai place wasn’t that great tonight,Continue reading “Journal: Life is Sweet”

A Case of Narcissism: in Defense of a Reborn Ego

I had to write this tonight because I am feeling really, really smart. Like, I’m getting good at life. But beyond stating the obvious, something lighthearted has been a long time coming – to myself and my writing. Yeah, that winter of 2014 took a long time to thaw – but, thank the 6 god, spring isContinue reading “A Case of Narcissism: in Defense of a Reborn Ego”

Meditations: Sessions Seven through Nine: The Subjective Nature of Experience, The Will, and Perception

I’ve recently done some inner exploration with the help of organic plant based entheogens (Contact your local South American Shaman for details), and the experience has been nothing short of life altering – literally changing my MBTI Type from ENFP to ENTJ. Basically, I got to experience reality without bias, without complexes, and without the filter ofContinue reading “Meditations: Sessions Seven through Nine: The Subjective Nature of Experience, The Will, and Perception”