A Sweeter Sin: Wilder Dreams

Returning to writing after spending the past few weeks living my life – in many ways as I never before have – feels faintly like an act of infedility against the one I love, whom I have been busy living with; however, this is no act of indescretion; this is what I do. I write.  Only,Continue reading “A Sweeter Sin: Wilder Dreams”

Moving up The Layer Cake, Climbing Mountains, and Starting a Junto

Emerson once wrote: “A man’s growth is seen in the successive choirs of his friends.” What he meant was that, life is a layer cake son. There’s levels to this shit.  As one of my mentors taught me, a man is the average of his five closest friends.  No offense to some of the friendsContinue reading “Moving up The Layer Cake, Climbing Mountains, and Starting a Junto”

Poetry: Somewhere in Time

All I know is that I know nothing A wise woman taught me this and other lessons, which I am learning in time And from time, I’ve come closer to my dreams, and I’ve learned that my fears aren’t what they seem So I take responsibility for being me, and I slow down and goContinue reading “Poetry: Somewhere in Time”