A Sunk Cost: Letting Bygones be Bygones

Before I commence the purpose for which I have set to write upon tonight, I wish to offer a caveat; you see, I was recently told by a dear acquaintance that my writing was good,’…although I sometimes rambled.’ And while I call myself a writer, it is not under the banner of my blog thatContinue reading “A Sunk Cost: Letting Bygones be Bygones”


Knowing now what I do, I face extrordinary dilemmas.  The knowing I refer to, being the fact that all is possible within the governing laws of order and chaos. For even kings are subject to the laws of  nature.  The dilemma being the fact that time and tide wait for no man. But ’tis betterContinue reading “Ruminating “

Weighing My Conscience

It is nice to be writing tonight; lately, I’ve been writing more out of compulsion and less out of habit, thus it’s felt more the product of requirement rather than inspirement, which to me is a constant. I am always the writer. This is who I am. I am first and foremost Lawrence Black theContinue reading “Weighing My Conscience”