The Young Actuals

This is me; having realized that no matter how much of a writer, hippie, or bohemian I am, I am also a guy who enjoys success in business. After all, you wouldn’t want someone else to judge you through a single lens or label, so why do it to yourself. You are not this orContinue reading “The Young Actuals”

Poetry: Kings, Pawns, Friends, and Fawns

My life was supposed to be so lavish, but it became tragic Instead of making magic of what happened, I let it ride My efforts were in vain to stay afloat amidst the flames, For I almost drowned – I damn near went insane I just couldn’t take the pain of feeling my ambitions dieContinue reading “Poetry: Kings, Pawns, Friends, and Fawns”

Facing Life Honestly in The Winter of My Discontent

I don’t wish to make this long (As I would like to return to bed); however, some things must be said or, rather, in my case, written; for without writing I’m just thinking, and I need more than thoughts right now. I need patience. I need time. I need change. Thankfully – unlike the latterContinue reading “Facing Life Honestly in The Winter of My Discontent”