I’m Proud of Myself

For knowing that my story is not what happens to me but what I make of it For teaching myself to sail when I was 14 For falling in love again and again (My heart is like the fucking energizer bunny). For moving on For the success I had in my twenties For the successContinue reading “I’m Proud of Myself”

The Past: Writing on The Revisioning of My Life in The Summer of My Years

I know where I’m going.  I thought that I had known before, as a young-man of twenty four sometimes does, but I know now that the present could only ever get me so far in life. Eventually, if you are to have a future, you have to go back. You have to enter the caveContinue reading “The Past: Writing on The Revisioning of My Life in The Summer of My Years”

The American: Rough Draft 

I grew up American: Stymied by the hopes and dreams and fears of generations Largely unknown and lonely Always coming or going, rising or falling; Oh how we live on tomorrow Our culture mass produced by those few cities it pays notice to; Our myths massed produced, And the color and character of a nationContinue reading “The American: Rough Draft “

What Other Myth Could I Live

Writer, Businessman, Poet, Lover, Man, All that I ever was all along, All that I feared I would never be Funny how I ever thought I wouldn’t become me Funny how the wild things, once teeming with wild dreams, Now whisper their secrets to me – What other myth could I live. In my darkestContinue reading “What Other Myth Could I Live”

On Fate Vs. Destiny, and Locus of Control

It’s funny writing this; funny having had this blog for nearly eight years. Funny because I’m so different from who I was even a year ago. I’m quieter now. More introverted. More at peace. But I’m still a seeker, as an oft cited quote here evidences: “I have been and still am a seeker, butContinue reading “On Fate Vs. Destiny, and Locus of Control”