Little Thing, Whom I Love

Tonight, I found the door down, Which leans against the deck, Where a gate ought go – And so, bent to lift it, Dragging the wooden thing up across the deck – wait – the mouse! He’s – This little waif under the door, He’s on his side, writhing slow I’ve hurt him – no!!Continue reading “Little Thing, Whom I Love”

The Tao of Anxiety: Changing my Relationship to Life with Rollo May

I don’t write for artistic purposes, nor do I write for pleasure, or even to be a writer: I write to live. It’s not that I’d go insane without writing – my life would just fall apart.  I must write to understand myself, my life. The two of which I find more and more entangledContinue reading “The Tao of Anxiety: Changing my Relationship to Life with Rollo May”

The Cassette Tape

When I was young, I had a cassette tape of harbor and ocean sounds: 25 years later and I remembered it tonight Also, memories of my father, From eyes I had not seen through in as many years; And I miss him: Charasmatic animal / child he was. Warm and safe at 32, Tonight, IContinue reading “The Cassette Tape”

One Belief to Change Everything, or Not

I have not published anything here in near a month, but a lot can happen in a month – a lot can happen in a day; your days can have significance. This is true (Along with everything else you believe).  I believe I’m fortunate beyond measure. Where there is love there is life – IContinue reading “One Belief to Change Everything, or Not”