Some Reddit Gold (Motivational, Life Advice)

What follows is something I came across on Reddit. Per one of the comments, I am taking the liberty to republish it here. It will only take you a few minutes to read and I’m positive everyone can glean something of value from it. Of particular interest to me are the ideas about Dopamine andContinue reading “Some Reddit Gold (Motivational, Life Advice)”

Devotion: An Inner Child Healing, Awakening, and Rebirth. 

What follows is a very personal, free-flow experience I had this morning, written under a tree (which I later came back and climbed). And as much as I don’t want to share this out of the sanctity of it, I am compelled to by virtue of the fact I know it will help someone. –Continue reading “Devotion: An Inner Child Healing, Awakening, and Rebirth. “

About a Boy

Took a long walk through the woods yesterday and for no particular reason other than perhaps wanting to see a bit more life, I decided to walk back through the neighborhood. I had my walking stick and was doing my hippie thing.  At one small corner, I came upon a house that I always notice,Continue reading “About a Boy”

Where All Boys’ Dreams Begin 

Motherfvckin-go-in on-this-poem like-a-koan, I’m a pure Brahmin spirit, ya I know-em, I could clone-em: Take in the yin and the yang, Fire and the rain, The Masculine and The Feminine, And you heal all the pain; All the sacred texts say it again and again: You put the jewel in the lotus – om-mani-padma-hum –Continue reading “Where All Boys’ Dreams Begin “

Her, Him, She, We / Like Magnets / More Than You Ever Dreamed

“I want to swim away but don’t know how.” Jesus fuck I love Blue October Love her, Love my pain This stoned, emotionally overwhelmed feeling Just how many poems can I write to say your’s was a heart I never fully entered But I hope my pain left you a key, as your’s was toContinue reading “Her, Him, She, We / Like Magnets / More Than You Ever Dreamed”

Thank Gawd We Only Give a Shit About Ourselves So We Can All Stay Fucked (These Days)

Days like this, When I am working like my Dad, He hated what he did – Rest in Peace His son still hasn’t defeated the oppressive computermatron, So I’m in SQL (Sequel) hell – database slave, level -32 Days like this, When my dreams don’t budge an inch – But still, something moves, the painContinue reading “Thank Gawd We Only Give a Shit About Ourselves So We Can All Stay Fucked (These Days)”

10 Things I Want To Do in My Life

October. Thirty-three. Alone in the mountains. A peaceful place for me. Solitude I need. But also, direction. One foot in today, one foot in tomorrow. So here are ten things I want to do in my life: Build an AI based lead generation business. Publish my first fiction books, and on… Write and publish non-fictionContinue reading “10 Things I Want To Do in My Life”

The MS-13 Killing Fields

Preface: trigger warning. non-fiction violence. historical mass genocide. … Soy un artista y solemente tengo respeto por las personas y la historia de El Salvador. There are enough people to some and to some these beings are animals, But there’s ancestral pain behind it, much more than an anthropological story, But a story, of aContinue reading “The MS-13 Killing Fields”