… And Things Do Happen

…I never saw myself the way other people saw me… No matter how little I had, I always felt I was worthy… Until they didn’t – and left, And I felt worthless, alone A cycle of getting recycled, Repeated, 3-Peated … Did it to myself, Wanted to be loved for my worst qualities… … andContinue reading “… And Things Do Happen”

Passages: Man’s Search For Meaning, Viktor Frankl

Time and time again I read what I need to read, when I need to read it. I had read Man’s Search For Meaning before; although, as I get older, I find that my own increased experience adds additional dimension to things. Such was the case here. The words of Viktor Frankl, published in 1946,Continue reading “Passages: Man’s Search For Meaning, Viktor Frankl”

It’s Just a Character Trait

Time to be sad every day, The inner-child needs it Time to lay in the dark and listen to the songs that hurt so good; For we are sad – and not pitiably – It’s just a character trait “Not some broken thing”, It’s who we are, who anyone is, After enough time on earth…Continue reading “It’s Just a Character Trait”

Go With The Flow: Trust It

Growing up, my dad often told me to, “Go with the flow.” As with other things he said to me growing up, this only came to have meaning to me after he was gone (…the people we love have a way of gilding us like that, even after they are gone from our lives…). MyContinue reading “Go With The Flow: Trust It”