Americans Averaging 11 Hours a Day of Screentime

I don’t want to stare at a fucking screen, though that seems to pay the bills –
Want some screen between your screen; this screen is relax happy screentime screen:
QUICK, relax, be happy now
Oh hey, how that writing going?
Get on that screen,
Holyfucking screen hell
Writing this on a screen,
Music on this screen
Nudes on this screen
On this screen
But nothing gonna save me on this screen
But these words,
And the peace they bring…
We’ve got to dream of more than living in vans, they made us millennials have such depressed plans
Though there is much suffering,
Let’s be happy while we can
For the world needs our endorphins,
And the screen has it’s demands
So return in a bit,
But for now close your eyes and dream on,
Of a life without a single fucking screen on
But it’a gonna take some screentime to get there,
So fucking dream on
Yet no one revolts against the inanimate demon
Just watches and says, oh the news is on again
But I hope reading this,
Made you remember a time,
Before Screens
When we had happiness in our hands,
And much better dreams –
We’re literally averaging 11 fucking hours a day of screentime,
Holy hell, almost more than I am in real life
See you on the outside –
I hope.



It’s hard to return to form,
After my last poem felt like pissing myself in public – the evidence of my pettiness: vulgar –
No Diogenes am I
But what am I to do, erase it, like some photo, imperfect – nah,
Rather honor depression, though it hath left such deep lesions,
And in them, seemingly no lessons;
Sometimes we just stumble, fall
Go mad with vegan-2-a-day-yoga-induced-b-12-deficiency, kundalini rising, hard and fast –
Yeah, we burn up in those atmospheres, where the body has gone too far…
Not my first rodeo, you could say
The avatar having ridden the hell out of my body a time or two before;
Sometimes the plane crashes into the mountain: we’re but small pilots, petit aviators,
Little Princes of our own delusions, lofty, sad, or lonely may they be
I just wish you the strength, to endure the years,
Finding something sexy in your face, each day, forever –
But you’ve never feared that, no, not time;
However, eternity is pretty frightening – haha
I just want this pain to have been worth it
Because I think I can connect the dots all the way,
And I think I can grow older, shedding youthful fears,
Becoming more beautiful, in doing so
Knowing that everytime time haunts me,
I can evolve the story, catch up to the plot, fall more for the protagonist,
Give them a better script to live
Allotting more self-compassion and gaining peace and happiness in a harmonic symphony,
Realizing no ex or demon of mine has the story for my life, the sum total of who I am
Yeah, bubba fucked some things up
But I’m not without love for our time –
Though, moving on
I’m getting ready for my small years now, done trying to live big –
All I care for is wordcounts, and a decent living to pave lonely roads
I’ll still keep growing:
Fall off the horse, get back on – you’re fucking attached to it anyway,
The mind just the rider,
Breathing, speaking, thinking, these the trinity of avatar pawnage:
It’s but a metaphor, and a great movie,
But you’re no James Cameron, no Christopher Nolan,
Only can be the pilot of this wild-west meat skeleton,
VALIS more like it –
The conspiracy is whatever you think
Redefine, Rewrite, Return….
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