Americans Averaging 11 Hours a Day of Screentime

I don’t want to stare at a fucking screen, though that seems to pay the bills –
Want some screen between your screen; this screen is relax happy screentime screen:
QUICK, relax, be happy now
Oh hey, how that writing going?
Get on that screen,
Holyfucking screen hell
Writing this on a screen,
Music on this screen
Nudes on this screen
On this screen
But nothing gonna save me on this screen
But these words,
And the peace they bring…
We’ve got to dream of more than living in vans, they made us millennials have such depressed plans
Though there is much suffering,
Let’s be happy while we can
For the world needs our endorphins,
And the screen has it’s demands
So return in a bit,
But for now close your eyes and dream on,
Of a life without a single fucking screen on
But it’a gonna take some screentime to get there,
So fucking dream on
Yet no one revolts against the inanimate demon
Just watches and says, oh the news is on again
But I hope reading this,
Made you remember a time,
Before Screens
When we had happiness in our hands,
And much better dreams –
We’re literally averaging 11 fucking hours a day of screentime,
Holy hell, almost more than I am in real life
See you on the outside –
I hope.


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