Where All Boys’ Dreams Begin 

Motherfvckin-go-in on-this-poem like-a-koan, I’m a pure Brahmin spirit, ya I know-em, I could clone-em: Take in the yin and the yang, Fire and the rain, The Masculine and The Feminine, And you heal all the pain; All the sacred texts say it again and again: You put the jewel in the lotus – om-mani-padma-hum –Continue reading “Where All Boys’ Dreams Begin “

Her, Him, She, We / Like Magnets / More Than You Ever Dreamed

“I want to swim away but don’t know how.” Jesus fuck I love Blue October Love her, Love my pain This stoned, emotionally overwhelmed feeling Just how many poems can I write to say your’s was a heart I never fully entered But I hope my pain left you a key, as your’s was toContinue reading “Her, Him, She, We / Like Magnets / More Than You Ever Dreamed”