Happiness Demystified: Synthetic Happiness and Your Blueprint

Yesterday, I read the transcript for a Ted talk from 2004, titled, “The surprising Science of Happiness“, and in this talk, Dan Gilbert, author of Stumbling on Happiness, basically says that we have two ways of producing happiness: getting what we want, which he calls “Natural happiness”, and changing our minds, creating what Gilbert callsContinue reading “Happiness Demystified: Synthetic Happiness and Your Blueprint”

At Thirty: How I’ve Shaped my Disposition

I turned thirty Saturday. The last time I felt this much psychic shock and bewilderment was after my first time making the angel with four wings. I was fairly young, but I remember feeling more alive, more at one with humanity, as if I had somehow deepened my sense of belonging. Now a new chapterContinue reading “At Thirty: How I’ve Shaped my Disposition”

Zoom Way Out

Imagine you are on a plane, reclining in your seat at cruising altitude – comfortably aware of the smooth, motionless flight. Now, imagine that below you, thirty-thousand feet beneath the fuselage where you reside, there is a single person going about their day. This single individual is the central character in their life – and likeContinue reading “Zoom Way Out”

We are All in Flux: The Importance of Coping with Whatever Comes Your Way

Tonight I received another superb answer to one of the questions I subscribe to on Quora. What is the most important life lesson that you have learned up to this point? The answer is as follows: Life never goes as we plan. We are all in flux from the moment of birth. The most importantContinue reading “We are All in Flux: The Importance of Coping with Whatever Comes Your Way”

On Choosing to Be Kind

Update: 10/31/2014 I wrote this entry while being emotionally riled, and while I feel I did an effective job of being constructive with my emotions and providing a great deal of substance to the reader, I do not feel I wrote all of this in the proper tone or from the optimal perspective. As such,Continue reading “On Choosing to Be Kind”

10 Themes of Stoicism: This is Good Stuff

I ended up on Youtube this afternoon looking for a couple specific videos on Stoicism (this and this) to forward to someone I know who is currently facing some very challenging and uncertain circumstances. In my own life, Stoic teachings have been an extremely transformative force – so much so, that today I describe myselfContinue reading “10 Themes of Stoicism: This is Good Stuff”

The Big Four: How The Navy Seals Effectively Combat Fear

Someone in my Stoicism philosophy group recommended this video to me and I am LOVING what I’ve learned about how the US Navy Seals (HOOYAH GO NAVY!) have integrated four specific cognitive behavioral techniques into their training program to help trainees combat fear. Watch from 2:47 to to 18:30 – trust me, you’ll likely enjoy itContinue reading “The Big Four: How The Navy Seals Effectively Combat Fear”

Jules Evans: 8 Great Ideas from Stoicism

Note: The following non-italicized copy was originally published at Psychology Today, and I am republishing the content here for preservation’s sake. According to Jules Evans, author of Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations: Ancient Philosophy for Modern Problems, a combination of philosophy and psychology is not only practical, but an effective way of approaching today’s problems.Continue reading “Jules Evans: 8 Great Ideas from Stoicism”

On Self-Control: Do Yourself a Favor and Watch This Video

Update: 10/17/14 I’ve posted a follow-up entry to this on self-mastery that covers both self-control and self-discipline. If you’re interested in self-control and self-mastery, I highly advise you read it. Finding this video is almost a bit uncanny because the creator literally references the very same concepts I came to know through meditation. These include theContinue reading “On Self-Control: Do Yourself a Favor and Watch This Video”

Example Daily Stoic Philosophy Regime

Originally posted on Stoicism and the Art of Happiness:
An Example Stoic Philosophy Regime Modified Excerpt from The Philosophy of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (2010) Copyright © Donald Robertson, 2010.  All rights reserved. It is difficult, probably impossible, to do justice to the variety of therapeutic concepts, strategies, and techniques recommended by Stoic philosophers in an outline…