My Case for the Simulation Argument

Preface / Author note: I wrote this three years ago; however, it was never properly published, until now.  In 2015 my world view was becoming far less ethereal and far more grounded in the pragmatic realities of science and technology; however, this suited me. I was writing a lot of code at the time (nothingContinue reading “My Case for the Simulation Argument”

The Importance of Mindfulness and The Connection Between Mindfulness and Meditation

If I would have tried to conjure up an impression of mindfulness in my head a couple years ago I would have imagined an affluent woman in her sixties, drinking tea and looking out over her oceanfront view, with a warm and contented look on her face. Today, I’ve come to know better. Mindfulness isn’tContinue reading “The Importance of Mindfulness and The Connection Between Mindfulness and Meditation”

Napoleon Hill: Outwitting The Devil

Update: Jan 2017 – just going to leave this here: – Not to detract from the man’s work, but the above read was eye opening to say the least. Take what you will with a grain of salt, the entry below included. tl;dr – I am incredibly excited about this discovery. I am buzzing withContinue reading “Napoleon Hill: Outwitting The Devil”

Denzel Washington: “You Already Have it, Claim it.”

For a time I didn’t believe in that spiritual spark, the one that fuels discoveries like this – and finding things like this, or rather – them finding me, was a rare occurrence; however, today I am back in the good graces of the universe, and my relationship with providence, with that spark which IContinue reading “Denzel Washington: “You Already Have it, Claim it.””

On Self-Control: Do Yourself a Favor and Watch This Video

Update: 10/17/14 I’ve posted a follow-up entry to this on self-mastery that covers both self-control and self-discipline. If you’re interested in self-control and self-mastery, I highly advise you read it. Finding this video is almost a bit uncanny because the creator literally references the very same concepts I came to know through meditation. These include theContinue reading “On Self-Control: Do Yourself a Favor and Watch This Video”

‘Self-Talk is the Conversation You Have in Your Head’ & Expectations vs. Beliefs

As I get more into CBT, Self-Talk, and Stoicism, the line between philosophy and psychology is becoming more and more blurred – and I like that, because I’m coming across some amazing stuff that really can’t fit into one single bucket. This relatively obscure video is golden – I might watch it everyday. It’s soContinue reading “‘Self-Talk is the Conversation You Have in Your Head’ & Expectations vs. Beliefs”

Nothing. Stardust. The Illusion of Thought and the Nature of Reality.

Last night – just before writing this, I went for late stroll at about 1:30 am to a secluded beach where I sometimes sit under the stars and listen to music. The reason I went there was because an arbitrary stressor had upset me and I needed to change the channel in my brain toContinue reading “Nothing. Stardust. The Illusion of Thought and the Nature of Reality.”

Atomic Tom: Music Makes the Heart Grow Stronger

Music Makes the Heart Grow Stronger, from the Brooklyn based Atomic Tom. The integrity of the song speaks for itself. Enjoy it. p.s. I have a feeling that the combination of Saturn Returning for my 29th year and the emergence of daily meditation into my life is ushering in a very prolific time for myContinue reading “Atomic Tom: Music Makes the Heart Grow Stronger”