Self-Forgiveness and Forgiveness: Tools and Practices

I just wanted to take a minute to share a Google Doc I created with 5 resources / activities for self-forgiveness and forgiveness. I’ve previously written on forgiveness before, but this entry provides the “how to” (whereas that entry focused more on the “why”). I hope this benefits others as much as it has benefited me.Continue reading “Self-Forgiveness and Forgiveness: Tools and Practices”

For You’re One of The Lucky Ones

Note: The original Song and video are great as well, but I find this remix slightly less melancholy. Sometimes I don’t think it’s fair – But I smile, Because life is good to me You might think this notion silly, And for a time, I did too But trust me – You see, I’ve beenContinue reading “For You’re One of The Lucky Ones”

And This is What Love is

One of the things that continually bolsters my spirituality is the way synchronicity and serendipity have a way of bringing the right signs, messages, people, and lessons into my life. And what’s really shown me this is the fact that I went through a kind of dark night of the soul over the past couple yearsContinue reading “And This is What Love is”

Some Thoughts on Writing, Hiding Behind Poems, and a Poem on Modern Love

At the end of this entry is poem I worked on last night and today, and as the poem’s opening line states, it was not an easy poem – but beyond that I don’t I think it’s a particularly great poem; however, there is some substance there; although, it certainly lacks a consistent tone or styleContinue reading “Some Thoughts on Writing, Hiding Behind Poems, and a Poem on Modern Love”

Poetry: This is Farewell

What can I say That desire that you crushed It was all that I had – that was the last of my trust Once again you didn’t see that there was love behind my lust And now you’re gone – And I won’t see you again – But I warned you – We could neverContinue reading “Poetry: This is Farewell”