Hacking an Open Source Cognitive Model for Goal Prioritization and Attainment

Update: 3-16-19 I’ve published a new entry: Introduction to LEVELS, which compliments this quite well for anyone looking to level-up in life. Introduction and Preface On the heels of my previous entry my father emailed me a link to a piece from Wait But Why, titled, The Cook and The Chef: Musk’s Secret Sauce. Today IContinue reading “Hacking an Open Source Cognitive Model for Goal Prioritization and Attainment”

The Rules (Live By Your Own)

I have writen these to center myself by striking bedrock on the foundations of my life at thirty. It is absolutely insane that we are not all taught to define and live by our own rules. Have inner peace. This comes from listening to and following your heart. This is the essence of loving yourself.Continue reading “The Rules (Live By Your Own)”

Wake Up With Your Dreams

N.G.U Never Give Up It warrants a seriousness – you see You musn’t ever, ever give up on your dreams For if you do dear child, You will awake without them And a day without, Is spent in doubt But a day with, Is-a life well-lived So to the wise, These words I give: BeforeContinue reading “Wake Up With Your Dreams”

Under a Blue Moon

Cool on me the eye of heaven shines In an earthly world where the mortals dine I can’t question anything, Anymore or again I am to be my hero, My unequaled friend You know your truth, Think and speak your voice Act according to your heart and you’ll never have to make the choice, BetweenContinue reading “Under a Blue Moon”

The Layman Sails Not

Standing on the banks The layman sails not But intent on succeeding, He plans, toils, and plots Only he’s living in a dream, For he accomplishes naught And without the tests of time, His craft lay in rot While he watched men of the world go forth – He judged himself still provincial and stayedContinue reading “The Layman Sails Not”

A Note on Work, Success, and Survivorship Bias

Coincidentally I’m taking a break from working to write this, but I wanted to get this message down. Essentially, we all have to work in life – well, at least those of us not born into the lucky sperm club – but, even then, there’s a certain brand of satisfaction that comes from working, fromContinue reading “A Note on Work, Success, and Survivorship Bias”