Voice Memos: Your New Best Friend

The word ‘habit’ typically isn’t something I go gaga for, but when you integrate the right habits – from Latin habere, to have – into your life, you get the benefits of them. And sometimes in life we discover habits whose rewards are so enriching that it changes the game, leveling us up. Just asContinue reading “Voice Memos: Your New Best Friend”

The Resources to Handle Any Given Situation

I’ve something major to tell you: There is no such thing as stress, only the belief that we don’t possess the resources to handle a given situation. This isn’t new-age optimism or clever logic; it’s the truth. The idea comes straight from the Wikipedia page for psychological stress: “Humans experience stress, or perceive things asContinue reading “The Resources to Handle Any Given Situation”

Switching Psychedelics: From Cannabis to Reading

Terrence McKenna remarked that he once quit Cannabis and “..took up reading in the evenings.” I am making this same switch, having realized that the worst effect of Cannabis – beyond its dampening of the dopamine receptors – is that I don’t read when I am high. Not that I haven’t enjoyed reading ‘Don Quixote‘Continue reading “Switching Psychedelics: From Cannabis to Reading”

This is The Temple: In Your Nutrient Fed Brain

Google can’t help, Reddit can’t help Unless you want to be an average, The collective can’t help you Nor can an individual, But it’s a great tale: The Mickey Rourke, saved by the Marissa Tomei – It’s a great lie, that you can be saved by some girl or some guy: Another’s love can notContinue reading “This is The Temple: In Your Nutrient Fed Brain”