Bosom Promise / Transient Coyotes, Home: Unafraid.

I met the coyotes, Past two days Today I was out deep – Knew it was deep when the grade got steep – Met two in a thicket, Tall as wolves Their heads turned (For me!), And I yelled, “Git, skat! Skidaddle!” LOL… And I turned back down the mountain, Away from their territory ButContinue reading “Bosom Promise / Transient Coyotes, Home: Unafraid.”

Care of The Soul: A Recipe

I’ve been blessed, but this is gifted: I gave it to myself. It’s a simple recipe, centuries old – timeless really: I am on a blanket, under the stars, with a candlelit lantern, and a cup of homemade chai tea. Mexican Blanket: $20.00 Chai Tea: $0.35 Stanley insulated thermos: $30.00 Lantern & candle: $4.50 (fleaContinue reading “Care of The Soul: A Recipe”

Some Thoughts on Writing, Hiding Behind Poems, and a Poem on Modern Love

At the end of this entry is poem I worked on last night and today, and as the poem’s opening line states, it was not an easy poem – but beyond that I don’t I think it’s a particularly great poem; however, there is some substance there; although, it certainly lacks a consistent tone or styleContinue reading “Some Thoughts on Writing, Hiding Behind Poems, and a Poem on Modern Love”

Attitude is Everything.

If you had this guy’s mindset, you could not lose. I don’t even want to quote anything specifically, because he [Apollos Hester] says so much of value here. Bookmark this and watch it again, and again. Update: Just found this beautiful edit (made yesterday!) of it…

My Budding Romance with Meditation

Meditation has recently become a central part of my existence, and I’m in love. I started writing about it in Transcendental Realizations and as a follow-up entry I published A Cocktail for The Soul, which encompassed simple instructions for my current favorite meditation technique. Using the same technique detailed in the latter entry, I’ve enjoyedContinue reading “My Budding Romance with Meditation”

Self-Actualizing vs. Self-Actualization

If you’re one of my subscribers, you’ll either be happy or annoyed that I’ve published a second post today. Hopefully, you’ll be enriched regardless. Unfortunately, the reason I have the time to write again tonight is because I’m currently sick :/, but the positive thing is that I’ve taken a night off from working toContinue reading “Self-Actualizing vs. Self-Actualization”