Heart of Didymus Thomas’ and history’s one of many, very-human christs: Bright duality, Indigo child Heiros Gamos, My own wife John and Lori in one: HermAphrodite, Living my best auntie/uncle life … Tho rn I’m sick as hell: and the virus be psychedelic BC we know Law gonna write it, And Lore gonna sell it:Continue reading “[uni-verse]”

somebody / fated / nulled

I wish I was somebody, but I’m not; Not that I’m nobody, but I’m not enough to matter to her; ‘It wouldn’t change anything’, she would say, But it would: I know it – And why, why do I miss the bitch who disowned me so much… I guess you would have to have beenContinue reading “somebody / fated / nulled”

A few dittys, one sweet, maybe more, totally didn’t cry… 😒

it’s that time to feel free; so I fasted, cooked a cactus “it’s the only way to fly” might watch the trilogy t minus ninety, and I’m coming up @ 6:16 am; yeah, we would have never worked, i’m too me, but I wish we would have been friends, sad for that fact “do youContinue reading “A few dittys, one sweet, maybe more, totally didn’t cry… 😒”

DIY Jungian Alchemy Spell #888

All is clear, Beneathe the planes and the people on them, whose lives seem so much bigger than my lizard-brained existence, Which I can now see through; It is all clear now: That I must not walk the easy path, But the rightful one – As if I were my own father, The missing archetype,Continue reading “DIY Jungian Alchemy Spell #888”

Power is the ability to choose how you respond.

There are many ways to see things Your perspective determines which and how much you will suffer The quality of your consciousness is the quality of your life: We are our thoughts – but more importantly, we must live with the feelings our thoughts create We’re touching the surface now, Joseph Campbell told us how:Continue reading “Power is the ability to choose how you respond.”