A Minor Breakup Poem, Magical Optimism, and The Toxicity of Self-Pity

Thought she was my priestess, But she was a chimera Her head in my lap, Eyes on fire, Masking the truth behind black mascara and desire Looking up to me always, Only to let me down again And in our tempests, I tried my best to swim But joy perished, And I returned to theContinue reading “A Minor Breakup Poem, Magical Optimism, and The Toxicity of Self-Pity”

A Case of Narcissism: in Defense of a Reborn Ego

I had to write this tonight because I am feeling really, really smart. Like, I’m getting good at life. But beyond stating the obvious, something lighthearted has been a long time coming – to myself and my writing. Yeah, that winter of 2014 took a long time to thaw – but, thank the 6 god, spring isContinue reading “A Case of Narcissism: in Defense of a Reborn Ego”

A Delightful Life

Delightful day; what more can I say; I ran, I hiked, I swam, I read, I cooked, I napped – I did everything but make love, which, in itself, is another kind of delightful day, just not the one written for today. But I conspire with fate for days like that too. I’m working onContinue reading “A Delightful Life”

Journal: Routine, Civic Duty, and Nights on The Shore

17 June, 2015 Writing on my phone, on the shore, under the stars; routine. From the 17th century French word route, meaning ‘road’, and from the Latin ruptus, meaning ‘broken’. It’s the broken road I take. Broken because it’s not the journey, that is whole, but taking the journey that makes us whole. It was tryingContinue reading “Journal: Routine, Civic Duty, and Nights on The Shore”

Second Birth of The Soul

At a certain point every idealist comes to a crossroads, a place where he realizes he must choose between two burdens; he can either suffer the opinions of the masses, or he can suffer the world’s resistance to his own. He must now decide if his suffering – and his life – is going toContinue reading “Second Birth of The Soul”

Self-Forgiveness and Forgiveness: Tools and Practices

I just wanted to take a minute to share a Google Doc I created with 5 resources / activities for self-forgiveness and forgiveness. I’ve previously written on forgiveness before, but this entry provides the “how to” (whereas that entry focused more on the “why”). I hope this benefits others as much as it has benefited me.Continue reading “Self-Forgiveness and Forgiveness: Tools and Practices”

Poetry: The Asker and The Giver

When you numb You don’t heal the pain You merely go beneath the surface Where you can’t feel the rain But what you really need, Is just the safety to breathe – The security to be yourself – Beautiful and free See yourself as you wish to be And be yourself as you wish toContinue reading “Poetry: The Asker and The Giver”

Motivate Daily

Zig Ziglar once said that bathing doesn’t last, and neither does motivation, that’s why we recommend it daily. If you’re reading this, the universe has an important message for you – MOTIVATE DAILY. I’m not one of those positive thinking addicts – I know there’s more to it; it’s not just about thinking positive, but youContinue reading “Motivate Daily”

Rewire Your Brain to Be Grateful Morning, Noon, and Night

I could begin this entry with a preface a mile long about how the changes I’ve adopted in my life have changed me. Suffice to say – I am very grateful. I thought about this last night as I reflected on my journey over the past year, and what I knew to be absolutely trueContinue reading “Rewire Your Brain to Be Grateful Morning, Noon, and Night”

Real Life Inspiration: Prince Ea on The State of The World, Technological Disconnection, and Love

Note: I first want to preface this with the declaration that I do not subscribe to the cult of personality. Particularly, in a day and age where – as Prince Ea says: “Our role models today – sixty years ago would have been examples of what not to be”. I simply do not believe inContinue reading “Real Life Inspiration: Prince Ea on The State of The World, Technological Disconnection, and Love”

Denzel Washington: “You Already Have it, Claim it.”

For a time I didn’t believe in that spiritual spark, the one that fuels discoveries like this – and finding things like this, or rather – them finding me, was a rare occurrence; however, today I am back in the good graces of the universe, and my relationship with providence, with that spark which IContinue reading “Denzel Washington: “You Already Have it, Claim it.””

Attitude is Everything.

If you had this guy’s mindset, you could not lose. I don’t even want to quote anything specifically, because he [Apollos Hester] says so much of value here. Bookmark this and watch it again, and again. Update: Just found this beautiful edit (made yesterday!) of it…